2016 W Rice

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2016 W Rice
Chicago, Illinois

Listing Office:
Chicago - Clybourn
1800 N Clybourn, 2nd Floor
Chicago, Illinois

Sales Associates:
Karen Ranquist

Danielle Dowell

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WELCOME TO 2016 W Rice

The New Luxury 2016 Rice is located in the heart of Ukrainian Village, one of Chicago’s oldest and burgeoning neighborhoods. This new 8-unit residence is comprised of 4 unique duplexes and 4 simplexes above. The architect’s distinctive design is a response to today’s urban family lifestyle needs. Featuring adaptive open living spaces, abundant natural light, and large private outdoor terraces, these units are designed to feel like single-family homes within the comfort of a multi-residence building. The space in each unit is carefully planned with 3 distinct orientations. Emphasis is placed on craft and detail, using the highest quality labor and custom designs throughout. The building’s exterior is clad in a dynamic corrugated metal skin that changes color, reflecting the time and season, and acting as a metaphor for the neighborhood’s dynamic history.

October 2018

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*6/1/17 All designs and materials are subject to change without notice. Renderings are an artist’s interpretation and may differ from final product.