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689 Lake Road,  Glen Ellyn IL, 60137

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    Lot Size:> label>0.18> pan> AemesAvailable Utilities:> label>Elecaric To Site, Gas To Site template-="ad- blabled ss="fcntai="dader s-header">Neigh0" hood ss="fcntai="dader s-info" iframe -d="neigh0" hood-iframe" irc="" frame0" der="0ckwiheig"0" height="0c iframe div ss="fcntai="dader s-header">School Informaativ Middle:HADLEY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ss="fcntai="dader s-header">Room Informaativ " divdivider-dader s-header">Exterior / Lot Features Lot Dimensions:> label>74 X 117.5 X 86 X 100 IR > div Additional Exterior/Lot Features:> label> pan> ss="fcntai="dader s-header">Drivong Direcaions ss="fcntai="dader s-sConle-lene- PDrzionly dader s-ascr-data Park Bouledocd North to Oak Street, East to Lake Road, South ss="fcntai="dader s-header">Financial Consideraativs Tax/Proedrty ID:> label>Tax Amount:> label>$16,029> pan> textavascript"> new rbwrui.LisummaHistory(".jpg&des", "", 187704886).render > cripa ss="fid="letail dader price-historyck=lass="=ol-dotails-at> ss="fcntai="dader s-header">Lisumma Price History ss="fid="wihget-lesumma-historyc> e 6px;">sh3>yn-I -6013 Real Estate

    Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137 has a populaenon of 28,201> pan>. s The median hingehold income -n Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137 is $91,051> pan>. s The median hingehold income for the suraoundCon county is $79,016> pan> compared to the naatival median of $53,482> pan>. s The median age of people livCon in Glen Ellyn 60137 is 40.6 years.> pan>

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    Courtesy: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff spand="Mas id="Master_ListConCourtesyOf_bottom_lblOfficeAddressPrefix"> pan>> pan>> pan>> pan> <
    Informaativ is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.
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      > pan> div itemproe="name" cntss="maininfo_age> name" idx-courtesy-103> Amy Bendigkeit> pan> div itemproe="affiliaativ" class="maininfo_offic Pame" idx-courtesy-103> Glen Ellyn
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    • 630-545-5042> pan>
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