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, 2 Storyer"pan> Bedrooms:erlabel>4 /tde td altd alrrow" cry" clding Ds-ype=-datafbsilspan="2"">label>Bathrooms:erlabel>2 Full /tde /treTotal Rooms:erlabel>6 /tde Year Built:erlabel>1895 M"co FloorMaster Bedroom:erspan> 12X12 Bedroom:erspan> 12X08 Bedroom:erspan> 12X08 Kitchen:erspan> 16X12 Lig ng Room:erspan> 14X10 e tcry" clding Ds-info-table ding Ds-info-tabled2 rass"er tre Upper FloorBedroom:erspan> 09X08 < tr>e tcry" clding Ds-info-table">BathroomsFull Baths:erlabel> 2 Interior Features < cry" clding Ds-info"" cry" clding Ds-slsple-l4ne-"cory-only ding Ds-ype=-datafl